Logo Design - Marktkost

MARKTKOST is a formal entity because it gives services to the employees in their respective offices. Their main service is to provide bio and organic food options menu to the employees of the different offices. Simultaneously, the healthy and various food options they provide, makes them look friendly, warm and trendy.

I wanted the logo to be playful as well as formal. I tried with different fonts and designs.  I tried to incorporate the mood of their tagline "next level lunch" into the logo.

Year: 2022

Tool: Illustrator & Photoshop
Type of Art: Digital  
Type of Project: Personal

Final Logo

This logo is chosen to be the final one because it is minimalistic and formal. Here, initials “M” and inverted “K” as image perspectives have been used.  At the same time, it is warm because of the chosen vibrant color. Yellow signifies  good appetite, food as well as something that fits the budget.

The sharp curves of M adds a hint of the mountains, that represent organic nature of the final product.

This image is modern and would require less space and modifications. It depicts what and for who it stands for even without the name or tag line. The tag line “Next level lunch fits better with the logo.

The color has been taken from the brand itself. The brand has black and white pigment in it’s logo but there are yellow in overall website showing the affordability and vibrant nature of the brand. Black is adding elegance and diligent services of the brand.

Font used is Arial Black ,inspired by Sans-Serif typeface. It is giving a classy as well as informal look to the brand.

Primary Logo


Greyscale Version

Inverted version


Negative version