Chanima Bhattacharya

Born in July 1986

Coming from a family deeply rooted in the arts, Chanima was nurtured to explore her creative instincts from a young age. Now, she eagerly embraces her artistic journey, delving into the depths of raw emotion to express herself authentically. Specializing in abstract art, she primarily employs watercolors while occasionally incorporating oil pastels, acrylic paint, and pen into her creations. Her passion lies in the process of ideation, implementation, and experimentation across various mediums and styles.

In addition to her prowess as an abstract artist, Chanima holds certification as a Graphic Designer. Her creative expertise extends to designing posters, book covers, branding projects, advertisements, web banners, and logos. Through adept utilization of software tools, she thrives on crafting innovative solutions to meet her clients' diverse needs.

Chanima's upbringing in Varanasi, India, her professional stint in New Delhi, and her two-year residency in Zürich, Switzerland have collectively enriched her cultural and professional experiences. Currently based in Heidelberg, Germany, her transition from Economics to Human Resources was driven by her innate understanding of human psychology. Just as she navigates human relationships with empathy and insight, she approaches artwork with a deep sense of emotional connection and understanding.